Carr on the case (with John)

To have any idea of the deeply sinister weirdness of the Trump/Russia collusion illusion peddled by Madam Hillary and her loyal servitors, one has to read the available documents. The Rosetta Stone of the case in which we have now been enmeshed for a year, with no end in sight, is the so-called Trump/Steele dossier. Produced by Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton presidential campaign, the dossier is problematic at best. It seems to me highly likely to represent Russian disinformation.

Coincidentally, Simpson/Fusion GPS was working with Putin friend Natalia Vesilnitskaya on behalf of Prevezon at the same time that he was peddling the dossier to the FBI and Clinton’s media friends. It’s a funny coincidence. In the audio below, Howie Carr reminds me of the old question: funny ha-ha or funny peculiar? Answer: funny peculiar. It’s also funny peculiar how little commented on the coincidence has been.

This week the House Intelligence Committee released transcripts of Glenn Simpson’s appearances before the committee on November 8 and November 14 last year. These too are must reading. Howie Carr has read them, as has our own John Hinderaker.

Like us, Howie Carr is following the story at the obsessive level necessary to penetrate the Democrat/media fog. Having read Simpson’s testimony, Carr is in touch with the deep weirdness of Simpson’s performance. He invited John to discuss John’s first Power Line post on Simpson’s testimony during the second hour of the show yesterday (audio below). John’s second post on Simpson’s testimony is here.

NOTE: Carr posts his show in podcast form by date/hour here on his site.


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