In search of lost texts (4)

Attorney General Sessions has ordered an investigation into the five months’ worth of missing text messages that passed between the FBI’s most famous lovebirds. Attorney General Sessions’s statement is posted below via Byron York’s tweet. The Washington Post story on the statement is here.

Among other things, the statement implies that Inspector General Horowitz never received copies of the text messages either: “After reviewing the voluminous records on the FBI’s servers, which included over 50,000 texts, the Inspector General discovered the FBI’s system failed to retain text messages for approximately 5 months.”

I don’t understand why Inspector General Horowitz did not apprise Senators Johnson and Grassley of the gap in his December 13, 2017, letter, or why (as I assume) the Department of Justice didn’t apprise Inspector General Horowitz of the gap at time it turned over the other text messages to him on August 10, 2017. What did the Department of Justice know and when did it know it?


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