The Week in Pictures: iPod Edition

The passage of a week has done nothing to diminish the runaway mania over Tide Pods, but I’m starting to think this is a clever ploy to boost their overall sales. Procter and Gamble has been through this kind of mania before: anyone remember the fuss 25 years ago over the supposed Satanic P & G logo? The solution is obvious: P&G should rename their product and call them “iPods,” release them in apple red, and watch people line up down the block to buy and eat them. Just giving Darwinism a little extra help. (And repeat after me: “Milk the soft power dividend!” I’m determined not to let that phrase die out.)

Some confusion here I think.

A very brave (or foolhardy) man. . .

We’ve got a ton of great headlines this week:

You need to follow Catholic Church news and Pope Francis to get this one.

The Heckler and Koch boardroom.

And finally. . .