The Week in Pictures: Pod People Edition

It has been said that the rising millennial generation is even worse than the baby boomers for their narcissism, self-indulgence, and conformity. Analogizing them to the pod people of science fiction seems appropriate. But then you learn that it may be the correct literal description: apparently eating Tide laundry detergent pods is a “thing” among the millennials (though from what I can gather, there are only 39 confirmed cases of this, but that’s enough for a media panic). Pro tip: stick to LSD, like the baby boomers did, if you want to experience stomach churning psychadelic colors. But you’re still a bunch of pod people! Meanwhile, “milk the soft power dividend!” And let’s start with some government shutdown cocktails.

Speaking of pod people. . .

CNN, on top of the facts as usual.

Both of these men are 71.

Headline of the week:

Coup de Grille? I want one.

Unless you are a dog. . .

Me, after Laphroaig, and after the Week in Pictures is in the can.

And finally. . .