Tweets of the Day

Many are critical of President Trump’s Twitter habit, often with cause. But I suspect that those who abhor Trump’s tweets don’t see many of them. Most are unexceptionable, and some are really good. Like this one, honoring today’s Women’s March, which I guess was a thing although we saw no sign of it where I live:

Well done, Mr. President! Trolling of the gentlest sort.

As I have said more than once, I am a fan of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Like the president, she takes no guff from anyone. Sanders is determined to lay responsibility for the Schumer Shutdown where it belongs. As we noted earlier today, she put out a strong statement condemning Schumer on behalf of the White House. On Twitter, we got this:

And this. No holds barred:

And, finally, this:

Give ’em Hell, Sarah!


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