Children’s crusade comes to CNN

Last night CNN took up the 2018 children’s crusade that is intended to produce gun control where previously there has only been left-wing frustration. We are counseled to “do something” in a tone of unanswerable indignation. The volume is turned up to ear-shattering levels in lieu of traditional means of persuasion. In Minneapolis, students badly in need of the tools of critical thinking took the day off from school to wave slogans such as “Regulation isn’t scary, getting shot is.” The mayor joined the parade. On CNN, Senator Rubio faced up to the mob while Senator Nelson showed that he too had been shortchanged in the critical thinking department.

RealClear Politics has posted local television video of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Colton Haab. Haab says he was approached by CNN to ask a question at last night’s “town hall” but decided not to after the network gave him a “scripted question” in lieu of one he wrote himself. According to the report, Haab is a member of the Junior ROTC who shielded his fellow students while the school was under attack from the shooter, said he was going to ask about using veterans as armed security guards. He appears to be an impressive young man.

This morning CNN issued a statement to the effect “that it did not, and does not, script any questions for town hall meetings, ever.” I’m surprised to see CNN disputing one of the children possessing absolute moral authority, but perhaps Haab lost his immunity somewhere along the way.


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