CNN Isn’t Giving Up On Collusion

We wrote here about Anastasia Vashukevich, an Instagram model/sex coach who ran afoul of the authorities in Bangkok. Vashukevich was arrested for “giving sex lessons to Russian tourists” without a permit and was interviewed by the Associated Press while on board a police van taking her to a jail. Seriously.

Like the rest of us, Vashukevich would rather be on the outside of a Bangkok jail looking in, than on the inside looking out. She was enterprising enough to claim that she has top-secret information about President Trump and the Russians that she is willing to reveal if someone will spring her. The Associated Press reported on the story in a manner that was unintentionally comic, and CNN, undeterred, sent its own reporter to Thailand to interview Ms. Vashukevich.

Here is CNN’s full report, via Grabien. It is, I think, pretty funny.

CNN tries to impart a fig leaf of credibility to Vashukevich because she has met a Russian billionaire named Oleg Deripaska. No doubt she was coaching him, but what this has to do with Donald Trump and the 2016 election is anyone’s guess.

If CNN gets really desperate, I suppose they could start doing stories on the collusion that actually happened during the election, between the Clinton campaign and Russians who probably were associated with the Kremlin. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. CNN views itself as locked in a death struggle with President Trump, and isn’t interested in being distracted by anything as pedestrian as the facts.

A POSTSCRIPT: Vashukevich’s Instagram account is mostly the usual, not-very-riveting stuff. But this photo of her participating in a nude pro-Harvey Weinstein demonstration is curious. Maybe CNN can somehow work it into its conspiracy theory:


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