Swedes Sour On Immigration

Despite the relentless efforts by Sweden’s establishment to put a happy face on what has obviously been a troubled refugee policy, most Swedes aren’t buying it. A recent poll finds that 60% want to take in fewer refugees:

41 percent said that they would prefer significantly fewer refugees to be accepted, while 19 percent said they would take a slightly lower number.

12 percent answered that they think Sweden should accept more refugees than it currently does, the poll found.

So the ratio of those who want fewer refugees to those who want more is five to one. A strong plurality wants “significantly fewer refugees.”

Across Western Europe, elites have banned expressions of doubt about immigration, especially mass Islamic immigration, branding all such opinion as “far right.” I seriously doubt that 60% of Swedes are far right. It remains to be seen whether Sweden’s political system will be able to respond to a strong anti-establishment consensus on the part of voters.