Tangled up in Comey, FNC edition

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared on the FOX News Special Report with Bret Baier for an interview that spread over two segments last night. The first segment ran 19 minutes. It is embedded below.

The second segment ran seven minutes. It is embedded below.

Baier was prepared and produced several highlights in the course of the two segments. I was disappointed that he broke so little new ground with Comey in the time available, but he did not come away empty-handed. At NewsBusters Curtis Houck transcribed the quotable quotes. (I think what he transcribes as “aid to memoir” should probably be the more highfalutin “aide-mémoire.”)

The Comey memos remain of interest, shall we say. Byron York seeks clarity in the confusion Comey has sowed. According to Comey last night, his memos summarizing conversations with the president of the United States, prepared on the job in connection with their official duties, constitute his personal property. They are “like a diary.”

Baier excelled when it came to the counterintelligence investigation that originated the Mueller Switch Project. On this subject, Comey don’t know nothin’. Comey has drawn on his professional knowledge of mobsters to disparage President Trump’s method of operation. I wonder if he isn’t projecting. Last night Comey reminded me of nothing so much as an uncooperative Mafia witness playing dumb.