A thin pretext

In his NR column “The Obama Administration’s Hypocritical Pretext for Spying on the Trump Campaign,” Andrew McCarthy presents the case that the Obama administration’s ground for spying on the Trump campaign appears to be a rationale for an unstated purpose: “[T]he Obama administration decided to use its counterintelligence powers to spy on the Trump campaign, using at least one covert informant, electronic monitoring of communications, and other intelligence-gathering tactics. It ignored the norm against deploying such tactics against political opponents, not based on evidence of a Trump-Russia criminal conspiracy, but on speculation about the Trump campaign’s Russia contacts and Russia sympathies. Speculation by a government, an administration, and a Democratic-party nominee with their own abysmal histories of Russia contacts and Russia sympathies.”

Read the whole thing here. It is another important contribution to our understanding of events as they have come to light in recent days.

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