More Mueller mania

Of the Mueller investigation there is no end. Chuck Ross collects the latest media reports suggesting that Mueller is investigating donations to Trump’s inauguration. Now this is the kind of report that I ignore until we have the ocular proof. I find it hard to believe. I am incredulous. Buck Sexton takes it at face value and comments via Twitter (below).

Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei — the founders of Axios — have taken to their site to state “The public case against Trump.” Without citations in a series of bullet points, they purport to summarize “the known knowns of Russia.” Here is their first bullet point (emphasis theirs):

We know Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chair, has been indicted on 32 counts, including conspiracy and money laundering. We know he made millions off shady Russians and changed the Republican platform to the benefit of Russia.

Last year, however, Byron York reported “What really happened with the GOP platform and Russia.” Byron took a look and concluded: “In fact, an already-tough portion of the Republican platform dealing with Russia was strengthened, not weakened, at the GOP convention.” If York is right, Allen and Vandehei are wrong, and in their very first point. The rest is argumentative, sloppy, and lame. The “known knowns” turn out to be tendentious propositions subject to contrary interpretations. Given the prominence of Allen and Vandehei, it is an almost shockingly crappy piece of work.


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