Tapper raps on

What a snake is Senator Mark Warner, a man of false sincerity and partisan spin. This certainly comes through in Jake Tapper’s interview with him this morning. I will say that much in its favor.

Midway through the interview, Tapper persists in a few questions about evidence of Russian collusion that Warner artfully dodges in his smarmy style. Tapper then takes up the subject of the latest news in the Trump/Russia investigation involving the disclosure of the identity of FBI informant Stefan Halper. Warner decries its illegality and attributes it to Trump’s allies.

Tapper immediately introduces the name of Devin Nunes. Neither mentions the identifying details of the informant’s identity illegally leaked by DoJ/FBI sources to the Washington Post and the New York Times in the stories published online this past Friday evening. Both Warner and Tapper exploit and deepen the ignorance of viewers as the perpetual hatefest continues on CNN.