Another Crash at the All-Way Intersectionality

The New York Times has an online animated feature called “Trump Bites”—gee, there’s a lot of subtlety there—and today’s offering is “Trump and Putin: A Love Story.” I don’t think it is either talented or especially amusing. Here are a couple of still frames from it to give you the flavor of the thing:

There’s just one problem with this cartoon. Wait for it! Can you guess? Why yes: It is homophobic, don’t you know. The Puffington Host, naturally, is on it:

Many viewers denounced the video for using homosexuality as a punchline.

“What is so remarkable about this short animation is that it relies entirely upon the premise of homophobia in order to make an impact,” wrote HuffPost’s James Michael Nichols, who has criticized homophobic Trump-Putin art in the past, on Monday.

“There is no larger message, no big-picture takeaway. Just the supposed humor embedded within the idea that tenderness between two men is in some way mockable.”

Mockable indeed. Be interesting to see how the Times grovels over this transgression.