Say It Ain’t So, Beto!

Beto O’Rourke [real name Robert] is the Democrats’ Senate nominee challenging Ted Cruz in Texas. For some reason, the Democrats think O’Rourke has a chance. Today’s news makes that less likely: O’Rourke Tried to Leave Scene of DUI Incident. The fact that Beto had a DUI in his past is old news, but the details of the incident are new:

A Texas Department of Public Safety report on the incident was based on a motorist’s description of O’Rourke’s dark-colored Volvo passing him quickly about 3 a.m. on I-10. The Anthony Police Department and DPS reports differ as to whether O’Rourke was heading east or west on the interstate, but both agree that he struck a truck going in the same direction and crossed a grassy median into the opposite lanes.

Police said O’Rourke then attempted to leave the scene but was stopped by the same motorist he had just passed. The unidentified motorist “then turned on his overhead lights to warn oncoming traffic and to try to get the defendant (O’Rourke) to stop,” the report says.

The DPS report described O’Rourke as having “glassy” eyes, slurred speech, smelling of liquor, and almost falling to the ground as he got out of his car.

O’Rourke blew a .135 on the police breathalyzer; the state’s legal limit was .08. But charges against O’Rourke were dismissed after a brief “diversion” program, perhaps because his father was a judge.

Some Democrats have argued that O’Rourke’s DUI is comparable to George W. Bush’s DUI of many years before that the Democrats unveiled the weekend before the 2000 presidential election. But that claim is ridiculous. Bush was simply pulled over and ticketed by a policeman whom he treated respectfully, and who voted for Bush in 2000. O’Rourke was so drunk that he ran into a truck, bounced across the median and tried to flee the scene. Maybe he was a spoiled young man who thought he could get away with lawbreaking–there is at least one other criminal charge on his record–because his father was a judge. In any event, Texas voters will decide whether O’Rourke is the sort of person they want representing them in the Senate.

O’Rourke’s biggest problem, of course, is his leftism. Some months ago, Cruz’s campaign released one of the all-time great radio ads. If you’re gonna run in Texas, you can’t be a liberal man. If you don’t recognize the song–a great Alabama classic–trust me, every voter in Texas gets the reference:

And here is the original, Alabama in concert, live. If you’re gonna play in Texas…