Anatomy of a Fusion smear with Todd Herman

Seattle’s Todd Herman invited me to appear on the first hour of his show on Seattle’s AM 770 KTTH yesterday afternoon for a segment discussing my “Antatomy of a Fusion smear” series. Todd understood what I was up to. He wrote that my “continuing work on laying out the template of Simpson’s smear process is the best I have seen.”

Yesterday afternoon I appeared midway through the first hour of his show. The clip below carries the entire first hour: “The Seattle Times has endorsed Heroin Dan Satterberg, but the featured article on him shockingly leaves much out. \\ What is one word you would use to describe your reaction to hearing about two planes crashing into the Twin Towers? \\ Scott Johnson of Powerline Blog phones in – The anatomy of a Glenn Simpson smear job. \\ Todd’s 9/11 experience.”

Preparing for the show, I came across a local angle for the segment. McClatchy News is one of the malefactors featured in my series. It turns out that the Seattle Times is a McClatchy newspaper. Sad!

Postscript: I should have stated explicitly in the series and on the show that Simpson and Fusion GPS have at all relevant times worked on behalf of the Clinton presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee or other Democrat moneybags continuing the work of the Clinton presidential campaign.