Brennan In the Dock

John O’Connor, who played a part in Watergate, has a column in the Daily Caller that is a useful companion to Cleta Mitchell’s denunciation of the Mueller investigation. O’Connor suggests that former CIA Director John Brennan should be criminally prosecuted:

As Watergate is inevitably compared to the present situation, we should recall what the scandal was and what it was not. The wrongdoing was rooted in abuses by the party in power during an election, not by a relatively powerless contender, as Trump was in 2016. The Nixon administration used the machinery of government for spying on and sabotaging the campaigns of its political enemies, then enlisted the CIA and FBI in a failed coverup.

All of this is beginning to look like small beer when compared to Brennan’s orchestration of the CIA, FBI, GCHQ (British intelligence) and the media to smear Trump as conspiring with thug Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 election. This charge not only criminalized the incoming president but also delegitimized him from the start, far worse than anything Nixon’s operatives did.

O’Connor walks painstakingly through the known chronology of the CIA/FBI scandal and, as others have done, locates Brennan at the heart of the scheme to destroy President Trump:

Within a month or six weeks of being hired, Steele and Ohr produced a stunning report of June 20, 2016, a) detailing collusion between Trump and Putin, according to Trump insiders, Sources D and E; and b) the lurid peeing prostitute story, to explain Russian kompromat on Trump.

To judge the credibility of this report, let’s examine the origins of the Fusion team. Are we to believe that the CIA and GCHQ had been working on Russian collusion for six months, when, serendipitously, Fusion just happened to hire an ex-GCHQ spy and an ex-contractor for the CIA to investigate the same subject?

I was born at night, but not last night. Moreover, Clinton’s sponsorship would have been concealed only if it was planned from the outset to be used for some official purpose such as, for a wild example, a FISA warrant, and not merely for “oppo” research.

At the same time as Steele was being hired, the “interagency team” was failing in its first FISA bid. So we can infer as well that from the outset a renewed application was intended, using Steele’s report so as to improve upon the then-failing FISA application.

We know how the story ends.

When Clinton did not win, Brennan’s team focused on delegitimizing the newly-elected President. Obama official Evelyn Farkas openly expressed the widespread partisan worry that all of the anti-Trump intelligence work would be lost to posterity if it were not quickly publicized, which the FBI’s James Comey and DNI James Clapper readily accomplished in January 2017, as Brennan had attempted through Harry Reid pre-election.

Brennan knew he was on his way out but still had the justice system in place to harass Trump in a way that would make Nixon blush. The FISA warrant was renewed three times, thanks to Comey, while Bruce Ohr remained a conduit between Steele and the FBI.

When Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel in May 2017, the highly partisan FBI Counterintelligence Deputy Peter Strzok hesitated joining the team because “there’s no big there there.” Brennan above all knew that.

This has not kept Brennan from repeating the smears of Trump/Russian collusion, suggesting falsely that such claims are based upon classified information he cannot share. Brennan is doubling down on his fraud, hoping that Trump is impeached before Brennan is exposed.

There is a surreal element to all of this. One is reminded of Kafka. And trying to unravel the FBI/CIA scandal through analyses like O’Connor’s and others we have posted here feels like poring over samizdat in the days of the Soviets. Cleta Mitchell’s assertion that the Mueller investigation, which is designed in large part to conceal the misdeeds of John Brennan and James Comey, and likely other senior Obama administration officials, as well as to nullify the 2016 presidential election, is “a threat to our constitutional democracy,” is no overstatement.

I came to O’Connor’s column via this Michael Ramirez cartoon. I hope Michael is right that the far Left’s attempt to reverse the result of the 2016 presidential election is a house of cards. Click to enlarge.