Analyze this

Michael Doran has followed the Russia hoax with the same attention and attitude that I have. He sees the Russia hoax for what it is and is mystified by the lack of interest in the Clinton campaign’s apparent collusion with Russian intelligence. He understands the perversity of the production. He finds the Mueller Switch Project to be corrupt from its inception and as implemented.

Back in January, Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes sat down with Doran—a foreign policy and Middle East specialist who served in the George W. Bush White House, State Department, and Pentagon, and is a former Brookings colleague of Wittes—to discuss his support of President Trump and dismissal of the Trump-Russia allegations and the related investigations. At the end of that conversation, Wittes and Doran said they would check in again in a few months to see who was right.

Earlier this week, the two sat down over Scotch to talk through Doran’s views on—among other things—the Mueller investigation, the Steele dossier, Carter Page’s FISA warrant and the related congressional investigations. For some reason, Wittes never let Doran get around to the devastating facts regarding the the Carter Page warrant application and renewals. Wittes is blasé about Page’s ordeal and apparently clueless about the sinister purpose of the warrant.

Wittes displays a grating personality. He cannot make a point without speaking at excruciating length. I nevertheless found Doran’s lucidity making the podcast worthwhile. I know how hard it is in a conversation like this to stay focused on the relevant facts and communicate them. That’s what Doran did as much as Wittes let him.

Doran’s comments serve as a useful reminder. This is Glenn Simpson’s world; we’re just living in it.

I have borrowed from Lawfare’s summary of the podcast in my notes above.