Dear Sen. Coons: You’ve got to be kidding

Senator Chris Coons seems to have founded the virtue subcaucus of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has recruited Senator Jeff Flake to join. 60 Minutes featured the subcaucus in its lead story this past Sunday evening. Like the rest of the mainstream media, CBS News is excited about the lengthening and obstruction of the long and winding road to the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. CBS News administered the public relations reward due those who cooperate.

On Tuesday Parson Coons forwarded yet another allegation against Judge Kavanaugh for investigation. Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley responded to Parson Coons in a classic letter suggesting we are approaching the end of the line. First Senator Grassley implied that Senator Coons cannot be serious. Then he characterized the accuser in a telling aside: “The accuser–who apparently created a television show in which people strip while dancing to their favorite music–tells of a party…”

Coming to the accusation, Senator Grassley noted the salacious activity alleged to have occurred at Judge Kavanaugh’s undergraduate fraternity: “This allegation has all the makings of a tabloid headline. There’s just one problem. The accuser freely admits to having no evidence Judge Kavanaugh even attended this party.” He added for good measure that the party took place at Judge Kavanaugh’s undergraduate fraternity after Judge Kavanaugh had already graduated and moved on to law school.

Senator Grassley then turned sarcastic: “The accuser offers some ‘investigative advice.’ He proposes that someone search Judge Kavanaugh’s calendars…” Which calendars are those? Again he added a telling aside: “…the very same calendars that your colleagues have dismissed and derided with regard to Dr. Ford’s allegations…”

Senator Grassley explained that the allegation is too much of nothing and passed judgment: “We’ve reached a new level of absurdity with this allegation. There is no evidence to suggest Judge Kavanaugh was anywhere near this party or had anything to do with it at all.”

I didn’t see this coming: “In fact, the only person we can be sure attended the party is the accuser himself.”

Senator Grassley was not yet done. He concluded by calling out the disgrace: “The purpose of this allegations is plain: to smear Judge Kavanaugh’s name by associating him with this party’s hosts. This guilt-by-association tactic is the basest form of political attack and deserves unqualified condemnation.”

Via Jack Crowe/National Review.