Apocalypse soon

The usual suspects are touting the release of the Fourth National Climate Assessment (Volume II) yesterday. As far as I can tell it is the usual global warming rubbish recast in the name of “climate.” Matt Daily considers the political ramifications of the report in the Politico article “Trump’s dire climate report hands ammunition to Democrats.”

This is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Let’s turn over our resources and our freedoms to the Democratic Party and the administrative agencies in the service of their will to power.

Until Steve or John can take up the report, we will have to turn to Willis Eschenbach at WUWT. He extracts a few of the report highlights in “The froth of the Fourth” and cruelly subjects the hysterical allegations to empirical analysis: “After reading all of that, I got to wondering about the recent temperature history of the US. I went to NOAA’s Climate At A Glance, got their recent monthly data, and graphed it up, along with the dates of the four US National Climate Assessments.” The result is below.


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