Dems take the House

As I write on the morning of November 7, Democrats have picked up something like 25-35 seats in the House of Representatives. In any event, the pickup exceeds the 23 they needed to take over. Though she will certainly be challenged, Nancy Pelosi is the presumptive Speaker of the House. Speaking on behalf of House Democratic leadership and proclaiming victory last night, Pelosi explained that the Democrats’ victory was “for the children,” as it always is, at least in a sense. (Personal note: I need a Pelosi filter.)

It’s no fun being in the minority party in the House. The wave of incumbent House Republican retirements this year foretold the result last night.

Now Democrats will halt the House committee investigations that have disturbed their narrative regarding the 2016 election. They will instead undertake investigations designed to thwart and embarrass President Trump and his administration. This past August Jonathan Swan reported that House Republicans were “getting ready for hell.” He indicated the daunting list of investigations that they anticipated. If I may borrow a phrase from Book IV of Paradise Lost, however, I would add to that anticipation of hell. Thinking of Nancy Pelosi, we can say: Which way she flies is Hell; herself is Hell.

UPDATE: It appears that the Democrats picked up 37 seats in the House, beyond the range of my estimate above.