In Florida, Republicans Fight Back

I don’t think we can say with certainty that election officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties are trying to steal the Florida Senate and gubernatorial elections for the Democrats. But we can certainly say that they are keeping their options open.

Governor Rick Scott is fighting back, which is unusual for a Republican. He has already brought lawsuits against both the Broward and Palm Beach election authorities, and has obtained court orders in both cases. My understanding, however, is that the Democrats in charge of those counties’ processes are ignoring the orders. Thus, Governor Scott sought additional relief today.

It looks to me as though Scott commenced two new lawsuits, one in each county, but I haven’t yet seen complete copies of the pleadings. He requests that all voting machines and ballots be impounded and preserved pending the completion of all recounts and litigation, and reportedly asks that voting machines and ballots be placed under police oversight. The motions request immediate hearings.

I think the winning margins for both Rick Scott and Ron De Santis are too large to be overcome by voter fraud on the part of the Democrats, but Scott is right not to take any chances.


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