Democrat Resigns After Frequenting Women’s Bathroom: Why?

Via InstaPundit, a seemingly inexplicable news story:

A Colorado Democrat whom female colleagues had accused earlier this year of frequenting a women’s restroom inside the Statehouse is resigning, a spokesman said Wednesday.

State Sen. Daniel Kagan’s departure, effective Jan. 11, will come as the Democrats retake the Colorado Senate majority….
Republican state Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik said several women claimed to have seen Kagan using a women’s restroom multiple times since January 2017. She filed a workplace sexual harassment complaint against Kagan in March.

Why? Apparently he identifies as a woman. What’s wrong with that?

Kagan said he’d entered the women’s restroom just once by mistake because it was unlabeled. The debacle prompted the state Senate to post signs outside its restroom designating “men” and “women,” Denver’s KUSA-TV reported.

How dare they be so narrow-minded? Why should bathroom users be relegated to an old-fashioned binary choice? What about all the other genders?

Somehow, archaic concepts about sex, and the behaviors appropriate to men and women–sorry!–live on. Which only means, I suppose, that the Left will have grist for its oppression mill for generations to come.