Global Temperatures: What Is Really Happening?

Liberals wax hysterical about global warming, mostly because it provides an opportunity for graft: politically connected businessmen make billions by manufacturing and selling wind and solar products that exist only because of government mandates and subsidies. These corrupt businessmen, in turn, donate many millions to the campaigns of politicians who vote for mandates and subsidies, who are mostly (but not entirely) Democrats. Meanwhile, the rest of us–those who consume electricity–pay through the nose to subsidize left-wing causes.

Does this make sense? There are many reasons why the answer is No, but let’s start at the beginning: is the Earth actually warming according to the predictions of the warmists’ models? No, it isn’t.

The surface temperature record is so corrupt as to be useless. Most of the temperatures that go into the surface database are not even recorded–they are interpolated based on temperatures at other sites. And the records have systematically been “adjusted” to make temperatures from earlier decades, like the 1930s, lower, and today’s temperatures higher. This is all done for financial and political purposes. Many billions of dollars flow into the bank accounts of scientists who are willing to “adjust” according to the political winds.

There is only one reliable, publicly available and publicly vetted temperature data set. It is maintained by the University of Alabama at Huntsville, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Dr. John Christy and Dr. Roy Spencer. These satellite data track temperatures where it matters–in the atmosphere, where global warming is alleged to occur. They show that the steep temperature increases predicted by the alarmists’ models are not occurring.

Temperatures were below the baseline until the late 1990s, and since then have been up and down, but mostly slightly above average–a high of a little over .8 of a degree, most recently around 0.2 degree. Temperatures have been going up and down, often by much larger amounts, for millions of years. The salient point here is that the Earth’s temperatures, as most reliably measured, are not rising consistent with the doomsday predictions of the liberals’ models. Here are the data in graphic form. Click to enlarge:

So the models, and therefore the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory, are wrong.