Ed Gillespie speaks

Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax serves Governor Ralph Northam in an unanticipated capacity. He serves as an insurance policy against demands for Northam’s removal from office. Fairfax, it turns out, has an issue or two that somehow needs to be addressed as well. In the latest installment of Virginia’s continuing saga, “Fairfax compares calls for his resignation to ‘terror lynchings.'”

Recalling the false accusations of racism that buoyed Northam in his campaign against Republican opponent Ed Gillespie and the unfounded production of sexual assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh, we would like all Democrats to stew in their own juices for a long time to come — not just Northam and Fairfax. There are limits to karma. Indeed, karma doesn’t exist. Now at least we have Gillespie’s decent voice commenting on the morass (video below, video of the Heritage Foundation Jay A. Parker lecture is posted here).