Living In the Real World

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to those who criticized her hypocrisy as a massive consumer of fossil fuels by saying she is just “living in the world.” Well, sort of. In her heavily-cocooned world, it is considered noble to speculate about banning air travel and murdering all of America’s cows. Elsewhere–in what some would call the real world–people have to worry about getting those cattle through the winter.

Ocasio-Cortez is obsessed with hypothetical global warming, but here in the Midwest we are nearing the end of a brutal winter. For those who live in cities record snowfalls have been an inconvenience, but on the prairie they threaten lives and livelihoods. Try-State Livestock News has an article headlined “March Spring Storm in Midwest Causing Major, Ongoing Issues for Ranchers” that includes remarkable photos and video. For example:

Amanda Radke: “At our place near Mitchell, S.D., it was freezing rain all day March 13, and March 14 brought more snow, wind and white-out conditions. The real challenge is going to be in the days to come. With warmer weather expected in the 10-day forecast, my fear is when all of this snow melts, the flooding will be catastrophic for many. The timing of this storm coincides with calving season, and the conditions have made for a difficult 48 hours so far.”

It is easy for urban greenies to fantasize about doing away with cows, but it’s a different story when you are a rancher and are trying to keep livestock alive through a harsh winter. Check out this very short video of a rancher laboring to dig cattle out of an immense snowbank:

Ocasio-Cortez thinks she is “living in the world”? She should try to get out more.