Candace Owens Fights the New KKK

It is a truism of contemporary public life that liberals are bullies. And the bullying is worst on college campuses, which are now, more than ever, islands of repression in a sea of freedom. But some brave souls, like Candace Owens, are willing to run the leftist gauntlet to bring a dose of common sense to college students.

Yesterday Candace was at the University of Pennsylvania, which I believe was once a pretty good institution. She was besieged and harassed by an Antifa group, augmented by the usual cadre of liberals. First watch the video, then I want to comment on Candace’s tweet:

Candace is right about Antifa. Antifa is indeed a neo-KKK organization because they are, as she says, “the Democrats’ domestic terrorist arm,” just as the KKK was for many years. Candace’s grandfather was besieged by the KKK, which, as I recall, fired shots into his house. Two generations later, Candace is confronting the same kind of pure evil. Thank goodness we have people with such courage in our public life.


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