Mid-Week in Pictures: Bidenfreude Edition

The hits—in both senses of the term—just keep coming for Sloppy Joe Biden. Here’s New York magazine writing in 2015 on “Nine Times Joe Biden Creepily Whispered in Women’s Ears.” Then there’s this segment from The Daily Show back in 2014 about Biden’s “Audacity of Grope.” Should have been a sign back then that he’d have problems with his weirdness.

I agree with Paul that this shouldn’t be a serious issue, but it is fun to hold Democrats accountable to their own supposed standards (which are really double-standards as we’ve seen in the case of Virginia Democrats). Besides which, there’s something wrong with this guy. Most politicians are needy in some way, but Biden abuses the privilege. His neediness is inexplicable, such as the plagiarism of Neil Kinnock 30 years ago. Neil Kinnock?? Seriously? Couldn’t he have gone with someone more worthy, like David Lloyd-George?

Maybe Harvey Weinstein can make “The Joe Biden Story” as his comeback vehicle.

Maybe this was Slow Joe’s inspiration?

And finally. . . You know who wouldn’t put up with Biden’s handsiness? These ladies. . .