Loose Ends (81)

This is really neat: Wilfred McClay’s Land of Hope is today sitting at #9 on the Amazon best-seller list. Not #9 among books on history—#9 among all books. Take that, all you Zinnsane people! Land of Hope indeed! (I credit Power Line readers, but if you haven’t ordered yet, please do and let’s see if we can get the book to Number One.)

Remember the headline that Glenn Reynolds likes to repost often the WSJ story about how Denver banned people (leftist people that is) from carrying bags of urine and feces in the city during the 2008 Democratic convention? Well, Edinburgh, Scotland, has done NYC one better by banning . . . McDonald’s milkshakes?

Police asked a McDonald’s restaurant near an Edinburgh venue where Nigel Farage was speaking not to sell milkshakes because of concerns protesters might throw them at the Brexit party leader.

A sign appeared on Friday in the window of the McDonald’s on New Market Road, which is less than 200 metres from the Corn Exchange where the campaign rally was to take place, saying: “We will not be selling milkshakes or ice cream tonight. This is due to a police request given recent events.”

The request follows a series of incidents in which far-right figures such as Tommy Robinson and the Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin have had milkshakes and other food thrown at them by protesters during the European elections campaign.


By the way, don’t leftist protestors know that milkshakes are made from, you know, milk (okay, maybe not McDonald’s shakes. . .), and that milk comes from farting cows, which means, inter alia, that throwing milkshakes at people is destroying the planet!

The New Republic is not even a shadow of its former self, but I do like this headline: Joe Biden Is the Democrats’ Safety School.

Actually if you can stand to read the whole piece, you pick up a lot about Biden’s problems both with the Democratic primary electorate, and in a potential general election.

Speaking of Biden’s problems with the progressive base of today’s Democratic party (which I think makes him the Ed Muskie and Hubert Humphrey of this election cycle—remember that Muskie was the Dem front runner at this point in 1971, and beating Nixon in some head-to-head trial heats), you might want to take in an article from the lefty online journal Counterpunch about “Grabby Joe.” May favorite highlights:

Under the delusion that neoliberal, neoconservative corpse-in-waiting Uncle Joe Biden is ‘what voters want,’ the Democratic Party has once again substituted marketing logic for a political program. . .

With the ascension of Mr. Biden as hair-transplant-apparent of the Democratic Party, the groundwork is being laid to return the nation to the militaristic, oligarchic state where the whims of capital determine the realm of political possibility. . .

More popcorn, please. . .

I ignored the news some weeks back that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was to have her own superhero comic book (perfect for the comic book mentality of progressives), but this headline is fun: DC Comics Sends Cease & Desist Order Over Superhero Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Wonder Woman Comic Book.

It’s almost as though the progressives behind the comic book don’t have any regard for property rights. (I forgot: property is theft.) Or maybe it’s because of the self-evident truth that AOC is no Wonder Woman? More like Blunder Woman.