“Big Ideas,” Little Candidates

Is NBC News secretly in the employ of the Trump 2020 campaign? You really have to wonder by the series NBC News is running right now asking each of the Democratic presidential candidate to name their “one big idea” for America that will cause a groundswell and propel them to the White House next year. These are some of the “big ideas” they are offering:

Cory Booker: Baby bonds. What?

John Hickenlooper: Skills training. Whoa! Save up for that!

Kamala Harris: Raises for teachers. What—she thinks teachers aren’t already going to vote for a Democrat?

Julian Castro: Universal pre-K. I guess he caught up with the research showing Head Start has no lasting effect, so let’s spend even more . . .

Kirsten Gillbrand: Paid family leave. Paid for by whom? Elizabeth Warren maybe?

Pete Buttigieg: Abolish the electoral college. Probably will play well in the primaries. If you can’t win, change the rules!

Jay Inslee: Tackling climate change. Snore. . .

Bernie Sanders: Wait for it. Wait for it. . .  YES: Medicare for all! The suspense was killing me. But who will need Medicare if we’re all dead in 12 years? (See: Inslee, above.)

That’s as far as NBC News has gotten through the Democratic field so far. At this rate, Trump will waltz to a second term. These are their “big ideas”??? I can’t even get up for a bucket of popcorn with this lame roster.

We’ll be back when we have the rest of the list from NBC News.