Goodbye to England

President and Mrs. Trump have finished up a triumphant visit to the U.K. If Brits followed the visit on BBC, they saw news readers ridiculing the President with a replica of the “baby Trump” balloon floated by leftists on their set. No surprise there: fake news. But if you followed the Daily Mail and the Sun, the newspapers that most Brits actually read, the coverage was overwhelmingly positive. The Daily Mail headlined: “‘I hope you come to this country again soon’: What the Queen told Donald Trump at the end of his state visit as he bid fond farewell to Britain following moving ceremony to salute the heroes of D-Day.”

This is really transgressive. Is it true? I don’t know, but it is a good counterpoint to the usual leftist narrative. The only salient point is that Trump is being treated like a normal president, which the Left can’t abide:

Donald Trump has left Britain at the end of his whirlwind three-day state visit after the Queen told him: ‘I hope you come to this country again soon’.
As they posed for the final photograph at the D-Day 75 commemoration event in Portsmouth, the President told the Queen: ‘It was a great honour to be with you’ and Her Majesty replied: ‘I hope you come to this country again soon’.

The D-Day commemoration came off very well. Now the president is off to Ireland. As always, the Daily Mail has the best photos:

Four more years, indeed.