Ilhan Omar: Illegal Immigrants Are Dumb

Speaking at Nutroots Nation, Ilhan Omar continued the fusillade of abuse that she directs against the country that not only rescued her from an African refugee camp, but elected her to Congress. Talking about the crisis at the Southern border–Democrats now admit that it is a crisis–Omar said that the U.S. treats illegal immigrants worse than dogs because we are racists:

Yes, that is why we brought you here from Kenya at our expense, Ilhan. Congresswoman Omar might be the least self-aware person in world history.

But here’s the thing: the reason there is a humanitarian crisis at the border is because hundreds of thousands of Central Americans are flocking there, trying to gain entry into the U.S. And the Democrats’ hysteria over “separated children” and “people in cages” has not deterred them one whit.

Would Central Americans having no legal right to emigrate to the U.S. try desperately to enter our country if they thought we were a racist nation that would treat them worse than dogs? Apparently Omar thinks illegal immigrants are too dumb to hate America the way she does.