More Leftist Moonbattery Over the Moon

Not content to leave things well enough alone, The Nation decided to go into full clown mode with this Tweet and article:

Is the underlying article as bad as this Tweet suggests? You make the call:

Within the United States, launch sites can exploit marginalized populations as well. For instance, industry and government agencies in the Mojave Desert region—one of the nation’s oldest sites for space activities—employ locals as manufacturers and engineers and teach students about spaceflight. But these developments do not seem to have improved the economy in Mojave, where the median income is below the national median. The population is predominantly black and Latino. The US Department of Interior’s long history of imperial expansion even includes plans for a lunar colony and the use of satellites to survey resources on indigenous lands in the United States and abroad. . .

Spaceflight almost invariably involves activities that directly subjugate marginalized peoples. Space provides a strategic military position from which to continue postcolonial violence on Earth, exacerbating inequalities between spacefaring countries and the so-called “Third World.” Space is critical for surveilling and enacting violence upon communities throughout the Third World. . .

Oh who am I kidding? The entire article reads like his, but it’s too much to hope that this is a brilliant satire pulled over the ever earnest Nation magazine. It’s enough to make you pine for the good old days when Victor Navasky was still arguing for the innocence of Alger Hiss.

But it at least it gives us the opportunity to offer up one more from Michael Ramirez on this subject:

Bonus cartoon:

Annnnd by far the best Tweet of the day: