The Power Line Show, Ep 134: A Nationalist Revival?

A specter is haunting . . . well, just about everybody: the specter of a revival of nationalism. This week I attended the National Conservatism Conference in Washington, which was sponsored by the brand new Edmund Burke Institute. As Christopher DeMuth put it, “who knew that the next big thing would be the nation-state?” Of course if you say you are in favor of “nationalism” these days, right away critics on the left will default to charging that you are a crypto-Nazi, but no one who took in any of the conference could think something so silly.

The new nationalism proclaimed at this conference promises to disrupt both left and right. The conference attracted a who’s who of leading conservative thinkers, and a ton of media coverage. It is certain to have a long half-life in our political discourse over the coming months and years, so strap in and stay tuned.

This special edition of the Power Line Show features excerpts from Peter Thiel, Yoram Hazony, and Chris DeMuth, along with a conversation about the scene with Damon Linker, columnist for The Week. In particular we highlight the re-opening of some old questions about liberal individualism itself, which is at the core of things.

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