Two perspectives on JUUL

Last week, Congress held two days of hearings on JUUL, the maker of a vaping product that can be, and very often is, used as an alternative to cigarettes. JUUL’s product provides the nicotine that attracts people to cigarettes (and addicts them), but not the tar and other carcinogens that kill them.

Two well known House members offered clashing perspectives on vaping. The first came from Rashida Tlaib, the deranged, Israel-hating far-leftist, who would do the nation a great service if she went back to where she came from (Detroit). She stated:

I won’t allow this Committee to be used by anybody to say that e-cigarettes and vaping and JUUL aren’t killing our people.

In reality, e-cigarettes, vaping, and JUUL are significantly reducing the consumption of cigarettes, and therefore saving lives.

The second perspective came from Jim Jordan. He said to JUUL co-founder James Monsees:

So, you develop a product as a way to have an alternative to more harmful traditional cigarettes, as a way to help people move off of traditional cigarettes and hopefully stop smoking altogether. Amazing product that has now got a 70 percent, 76 percent, growth in market share.

You employ three thousand people. You made some decisions maybe early on, that you decided to change just to make sure young people like we have in the audience don’t get access to your product, like stopping marketing on social media platforms and limiting a quantity that can be sold at retail outlets. You’ve publicly come out and said you don’t think anyone should be using any tobacco products including your own until they’re 21.

And yet, the reward for all of that is you get brought in front of Congress and you get yelled at by Democrats.

The good news is that there’s a special place in heaven for folks who are brought in front of Congress and yelled at by Democrats like Rashida Tlaib.