Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll remembers Khrushchev’s Communist vow: WE WILL BURY YOU. She writes:

As a rather anxious, high-strung little girl living in Alexandria, Minnesota in the ’50s, I perceived the threat from the Communists in the Soviet Union to be very real and terrifying. Remember, this was an era in which small schoolchildren practiced drills for what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. (Answer: get under your desk, a solution which even a fourth-grader could see was going to be woefully inadequate.)

I had a little sister (still do), and we slept in bunk beds. She favored the top bunk, which I felt in good conscience was a more vulnerable spot than the bottom bunk in the event of a nuclear attack. Often, in my nocturnal worries over the latest crisis in the geopolitical situation, I would carry her down to the bottom bunk with me after she fell asleep. If hiding under a desk helped, then surely the security of the bottom bunk was an extra layer of protection.

Then one day, the vague Communist threat took a turn for the worse. In November of 1956, when I had just turned 10, a fat bald Commie with the oddly musical name of Nikita said the following on the world stage: “It doesn’t depend on YOU whether or not we exist. If you don’t like us, or invite us or accept our invitations. Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. WE WILL BURY YOU.”

If we had known the expressions 60-plus years ago, we might have said, “This (stuff) just got real.” Or, alternately, “This just got dialed up to eleven!” But that level of cleverness would have to wait for a few more decades.

Banner Headlines! Breaking News! Politicians fighting their way to the microphone to denounce it! Khrushchev just said he was going to kill us all and our puppies!

And I remember somebody in the newspaper – we wouldn’t get television for two more years — saying, “Hang on! That’s a mistranslation of those words. He didn’t say, ‘We will bury you,’ he said, ‘we will outlive you.’” And I found that very comforting and logical. After all, we had recently buried my maternal grandfather, but we sure didn’t kill him. We outlived him, and do still. Now why do I bring this up today? Stay with me…

On the third day of our recent Awesome Road Trip we ate lunch in a jam-packed Chick-Fil-A in St. George, Utah. The place was completely full at 1:30 in the afternoon and we got the last table. The drive-through stretched for more than a dozen cars into the shopping center parking lot. It made me very happy. I love to see an enterprise with both morals and guts not just surviving, but thriving. I believe it is now the second or third most successful franchise – depending on whether you count Starbucks — in America despite being closed one day every week. The totalitarian left has tried its best to keep it out of everywhere it has the power to do so; the bigots proclaim boycotts and supporters come for miles around to patronize it.

The manager of this particular Chick-Fil-A was a sweet young African-American woman who walked around to every table, chatting, welcoming, inquiring about the food and service. A proverbial “white man” (more likely than not a Christian or even a MORMON!) told her that her friendly smile was the reason that he patronized that particular Chick-Fil-A. She thanked him and clapped him on the shoulder. He immediately dialed Gloria Allred to report a sexual assault – NOT.

The Chick-Fil-A was absolutely full of beautiful young families with lots and lots of children. Perhaps they were not Mormons, but Martians, as virtually all the children were clean, obedient and well-behaved, even the lanky teenagers, two of whom offered to bus my dirty tray when they saw I was headed that way. I expected Rod Serling to appear at any moment.

As it happened, this was around the time that has-been menopausal celebrities had announced that they were going “on a sex strike” to protest any restrictions on their sacred right to kill their own babies. Still others pledged NEVER to have babies for any reason because of Climate Change or The Patriarchy or Reasons. (I admit I don’t always pay close attention to the drivel they write, Tweet, or screech, so I may have missed some well-thought-out rationale…)

And I thought about the pro-children people I’ve known. There was the wonderful Evangelical guy in the ammo line, with his five little stair-step boys and 4 girls. I gave him one of my 550-count boxes of .22s back when they were hard to come by so the kids could plink and you would have thought I had given him a new car. There’s my Orthodox Jewish spiritual leaders, one family with 14 children, many with 8 or 10. There was the Mormon family I saw on vacation in Maui with 4 little girls in muumuus and 3 little boys in Magnum PI Hawaiian shirts. The old-timey Catholics I grew up with as a wee child had 10 kids and sat around the dining room table praying The Rosary every night as a family. Can you imagine? No violent video games, no sex-drenched television, everyone not bent over a phone, but over beads!

And Nikita’s mistranslated, allegedly misconstrued turn of phrase came back to me, unbidden. I wrote it down on a Chick-Fil-A napkin and put it in my fanny pak.

“It doesn’t depend on YOU whether or not we exist. If you don’t like us” — and BOY, do the Leftists ever not like us and tell us so at every opportunity – “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. WE WILL BURY YOU.”

“We will bury you.” Because we really are literally pro-life and so much of the opposition’s world is completely self-limiting, nihilistic, sterile and anti-life in myriad ways, from abortion to the economy-killing New Green Deal. How many transsexuals with their mutilated reproductive organs are going to produce future taxpayers? How many of the screeching, pussy-hat wearing harridans who hate men will ever become mothers?

And all our side has to do – besides fight like hell to make sure the Leftists never get in power again – is just continue with relentless breeding! No need for 10 children; replacement numbers will suffice. Even secular Israelis try for three — replacement, plus one for the Holocaust. Procreation will win the day. Obama used to invoke part of Khrushchev’s formula every chance he got – “history is on our side.” Not so much in his case, it turned out. But it is on the side of the baby-makers rather than the baby-killers, for sure.

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