Hugo Chavez, Drug Lord

Hugh Chavez was, until the day he died in 2013, a hero to American and Western European liberals. Bernie Sanders and his ilk lionized Chavez, while Barack Obama submissively accepted Chavez’s instruction on the evils of the U.S. (“I have a lot to learn.” That was true, but not in the way Obama intended.)

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Hugo’s war on the U.S. included an effort to “flood” this country with cocaine:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in the mid-2000s ordered his top lieutenants to work with Colombian Marxist guerrillas to flood the U.S. with cocaine in his government’s efforts to combat the Bush administration, according to U.S. documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal that shed new light on the leftist regime’s struggle with Washington.

The documents, prepared by federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, outline for the first time the possible role of Mr. Chávez, an icon of the Latin American left who died from cancer in 2013, in drug trafficking.

I would only add that Chavez is an icon of the American left, too, notwithstanding the fact that his policies destroyed Venezuela.

First reported by El Mundo, a Madrid newspaper, the documents assert that Mr. Chávez and other leaders in the government collaborated with high-ranking military and judicial officials to ease the movement of cocaine from Colombia through Venezuela and on to the U.S. …

As part of an alliance with the FARC, the affidavit says Venezuela’s government discussed dividing drug profits while providing the rebels with weapons to fight the Colombian government.

Don’t expect liberals to be disillusioned. Most of them hate America and view fellow haters, like Hugo Chavez, as kindred spirits. Plus, many of them probably think that increasing the supply of cocaine was a good thing.