Team Iran

If you want to understand the current state of play with Iran, there is nothing better to read than Lee Smith’s “Team Iran. This long Tablet column extricates us from the fog of stupidity that permeates the subject among Democrats and their mainstream media adjunct.

I would only add this note. Lee credits Obama with decent motives for realigning our foreign policy consistent with Iranian interests. Michael Doran’s 2015 analysis of “Obama’s secret Iran strategy” at Mosaic could be cited to support this point. See also Doran’s June 2019 Mosaic column “What Iran is really up to.”

Crediting Obama et al. with decent motives may be the right thing to do and may be right simply. In this case, however, it is difficult to square with Lee’s devastating assessment of the trouble with Team Iran (i.e., the Obama crowd and its media adjunct): “The problem for Team Iran is that no one can explain how an alliance with Iran is actually good for America.” Perhaps Bridge on the River Kwai can help us understand the phenomenon of Team Iran, or at least the case of John Kerry.

MORE: Doran speaks to the question of Iran in this excellent Hudson Institute podcast dated September 18.