Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll has already identified: THREE EVENTS I WILL BE MISSING IN 2020 AND BEYOND. She writes:

Well, 2020 has started off with a literal BANG with the surprising vaporization of Revered, Austere, Terrorist Psychopath and Poetry Lover, “Casey” Qassem Soleimani. The Democrat politicians, celebrities, and media slugs are slowly working their way through the Five Stages of Grief. So far there has been no funeral stampede by distraught Democrats with 40 of them being crushed underfoot, but it’s only a matter of time. A few days later, there was a full frontal assault on the Hollywood attention junkies by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe Awards. The only way that Ricky could have been more brutal was if he had had a Gatling gun.

So what can we expect in the way of Must-See Events in 2020? Well, here are the Top Three which your humble columnist will be missing.


Yeah, that’s a thing now. It’s called “Race to Dinner.” According to an article in the Daily Caller, a black woman named Regina Jackson is organizing dinners for white women to attend with women of some color other than white. Oh, this will not entail a few laughs and sharing recipes, kid pix, or discussing what all lucky American women have in common. Heaven forfend! No. White women who are masochists without a shred of dignity, can sign up to listen all evening to how complicit they are with white supremacy because of the color of their skin. They can’t even talk! They are there simply to “bear witness to the pain of black and brown women,” pain which…wait for it… white women have caused. What a crock!

Yeah, I’ll be missing that. Sure, it sounds fun, but I have never been one to sit quietly and take a lot of ludicrous and insulting guff. The only thing more repulsive would be to have to hear that tedious tirade from Kirsten Gillibrand, or AOC, or Elizabeth Warren, three women whose actual “color” is white as the driven snow.

The Daily Caller gives us a little background on Ms. Jackson, explaining that she “grew up in Chicago during the time of the Martin Luther King slaying.” She also makes a glancing reference to the 1964 murders of “Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner” in Mississippi.

Odd she should mention these two events, which occurred more than half a century ago. First of all, in the grotesque Mississippi murders, Goodman and Schwerner were Jews, WHITE martyrs giving their lives for civil rights. In fact, of all white Freedom Riders in the Civil Rights Era, fully 75 percent of those idealistic young people were Jewish!

Second, on April 4, 1968, the very day MLK was slain, what this white girl was doing was hosting a wedding reception for a white bride and a black groom in Chicago. Neither set of parents approved or would attend, so the couple – with a little three-month-old baby already here — got married in our tiny 4th floor walkup apartment. I baked the cake and other refreshments. They even used our own wedding bands to exchange vows. The small guest list was pretty evenly divided between white and black people, and, since the King murder had just happened, you could have cut the tension in the room with a knife. As the night wore on amid reports of the inevitable, pointless arson and looting on the South and West Side, the party ended and the groom took off so he could help calm things down in his old neighborhood. I minded the baby and got the frantic new bride involved in baking bread to distract her. You know, like any old white supremacist would. I mean, it was WHITE BREAD, you guys! It was 52 years ago, so I can’t remember if I made the OK sign too.


I know a couple of well-connected Hollywood people who PROBABLY could score me a ticket to the Oscars if I wanted to sit way in the back and buy an outfit that cost more than my first new car. Oh, the suspense! What WILL that zany Robert De Niro say next? First, he slayed the audience just with “Eff Trump,” as the Trained Hollywood Seals jumped up to bark and clap their pleasure with such a clever bit of middle school repartee. The only things missing were balls to balance on the noses of the attendees. His vulgarity was such a hit, he said it again! Whoa! “Eff Trump!”

But that just wasn’t enough. Apparently, the repulsive little geezer hadn’t had any attention for a few months, and he recently Tweeted that the President deserved something yet more humiliating. He advised that someone should “throw s*** in Trump’s face.” Classy. Especially from a wart-faced little old man wearing 6 inch lift shoes. He personally couldn’t even REACH Trump’s face without a step stool.

Let me tell you something, Bobby Boy: nobody despised Barack Hussein Obama more than I did, but he WAS #MyPresident for 8 insufferable years. nd when that Russian flunkie refused to shake his hand, I was enraged that the American President would get treated like that. Not only did I not wish that some mental defective would throw San Fran Sidewalk Slush in his face, but it would never even enter my head to THINK it, let alone to say it aloud. Who ARE you people? You and Madonna and Kathy Griffin and George Lopez, and all the other murder porn fantasists need to get some psychiatric help – STAT.


For about a minute and a half in 2016, Michael Moore seemed to have accidentally said a truth. The sloppy, lard-butted faux advocate for the Working Man, had predicted that Trump might win if somebody didn’t start paying attention to the left-behind working class. In other words, he actually had an explanation for Hillary’s loss besides rampant sexism or the Deplorability of 63 million voters. But it turned out that his assumption that maybe the working and middle-class voters had a logical reason to vote against Hillary was just a temporary brain infarction, not even as long-lasting as Eric Swalwell’s, and the moment quickly passed.

Now he has gone all-in on Crazy. His latest pronouncement is that “since two of three White Men voted for Trump, if you are walking down the street and see three White Men, you should get out of the way.” A statement so stupid, even on a Math and Logic level, the mind reels. Personally, if I am walking down the street and see doughy white Michael Moore, who is the poundage EQUIVALENT of 3 normal white guys, I will definitely move off the sidewalk to avoid being crushed. I guess he is divorced now, so maybe this anti-white gibberish is just to score with some Woke Chicks. I would personally recommend taking a shower and washing his hair, maybe lose the baseball cap, as a better strategy, but what do I know? Heck, I haven’t had a “date” since 1967.