Today Is the 157th Anniversary…

…of President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the slaves in the states then in rebellion against federal authority. The Democrats reviled Lincoln at the time, and they have continuously reviled Republican presidents and other politicians right up to the present. Today, as in 1863, conservatives–virtually all of whom are Republicans–want to liberate African-Americans from poverty and dependence through free enterprise. Now, as then, the Democratic Party bitterly resists this independence movement. Just ask Candace Owens.

It is easy to be pessimistic about our country’s future when we see the absurdities that play out on the public stage, day after day. But I am an inveterate optimist: if the republic survived pro-slavery Democratic Party treason in 1863, surely it can withstand the milder version of totalitarian identity politics that we see from the Democrats today.

In 1865, a plot among die-hard Democrats resulted in the assassination of President Lincoln. This was the culmination of a vitriolic campaign of hate that the Democratic Party mounted against Lincoln from the time of his entry onto the public stage. Lincoln was such anathema to the Democrats that his election led directly to secession. Having lived through the Reagan administration, I thought I had seen the nearest possible approach to the hate that the Democrats unleashed against President Lincoln.

I was wrong. The Democrats’ hate machine is cranked up to 11, and has been ever since Donald Trump foiled the Democrats’ plan for a Clinton renaissance and a continued march toward socialism. The current impeachment farce is just the latest manifestation of the Democrats’ rule-or-ruin approach to politics.

As we enter the new year, we should all pray that the Democrats’ insane hate campaign does not lead, as it did in 1865, to the assassination of our president.