We now know: FISA court must go (3)

Former federal prosecutor George Parry takes up the question presented by the FISA court in the American Spectator column “The Potemkin court.” The column covers the same ground and arrives at the same destination as my previous posts on the FISA court’s appointment of one David Kris to serve as amicus curiae in the wake of the Department of Justice Inspector General report on the FBI’s FISA abuse and the Department of Justice’s pathetic response thereto. Parry writes:

The FISC [i.e., the FISA court] wants further refinements of government procedures to make sure that the “inexplicable errors” found by the OIG will not be repeated. But these so-called “errors” were not the regrettable result of a deficient process. They were the direct and fully intended result of concerted corrupt action by the leadership of James Comey’s FBI.

The real issue is that Comey and his leadership cadre decided to play presidential politics by dishonestly manipulating the FISC to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, transition team, and administration. This was a failure of character at the leadership level that can’t and won’t be fixed by rearranging FBI and DOJ’s guidelines.

Over the last three years, as the FBI’s corruption was laid bare step by painful step, the conservative punditry espoused the belief that an aroused FISC would take action against those who had manipulated it. Now, in light of Kris’ appointment, it is apparent that the FISC will do no such thing. To the contrary, the astonishing designation of this defender of Comey’s corrupt FBI has made clear that the FISC is not an outraged victim of deception, but, rather, is part of the problem and content to avert its gaze from the ample proof of the government’s dishonesty and malign motives that are at the very heart of the Carter Page spy scandal.

We now know beyond any reasonable doubt that the FISA court has been compromised. It is going through the motions to mitigate the revelation of its own fault now that we know it too is among the institutions corrupted in the Russia hoax.