Feel Good News of the Day

Recent surveys show Americans to be more optimistic than they have been in years, and it is not hard to understand when you take in some of the good news stories out today. Starting with the bankruptcy filing of the McClatchy newspaper chain. Aside from CNN and the New York Times, it is hard to think of a media organization that deserves flushing down the sewer more than McClatchy, whose news pages have embraced open partisanship against Devin Nunes, and which refused to retract or correct a completely false story that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had traveled to Prague in 2016 for nefarious purposes involving Russians, even after special counsel Robert Mueller took the rare step of releasing a public statement refuting the story.

But that’s just a warm up. If by some remote chance you are an Elizabeth Warren supporter and are feeling a little down about her dismal performance in New Hampshire, well, she feels your pain, and wants you to . . . eat some chocolate. And maybe adopt a pet. And watch cat videos. (This actually makes sense, as Warren is the ultimate cat lady candidate.) Also: send money. Seriously:

To borrow that old Oscar Wilde line, you have to have a heart of stone not to laugh out loud at this level of pathetique.

Finally, in the schadenfreude department, readers who follow the judiciary will know the name Stephen Reinhardt, who was one of the most leftist judges of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals until his passing two years ago. Today at a hearing of the House Subcommittee on the Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet, a former Reinhardt clerk, Olivia Warren, is going to testify that Reinhardt was a complete pig when it came to his treatment of women. You can read her complete testimony here. Samples:

Judge Reinhardt only contemplated the attractiveness of women through the male gaze, and at times he used homophobic slurs: for example, a gay female clerk was repeatedly referred to by the judge as a “dykester,” which he found funny. . .

All of that provides the context within which I experienced direct sexual harassment. Judge Reinhardt routinely and frequently made disparaging statements about my physical appearance, my views about feminism and women’s rights, and my relationship with my husband (including our sexual relationship). Often, these remarks included expressing surprise that I even had a husband because I was not a woman who any man would be attracted to. In that vein, Judge Reinhardt often speculated that my husband must be a “wimp,” or possibly gay. Judge Reinhardt would use both words and gestures to suggest that my “wimp” husband must either lack a penis, or not be able to get an erection in my presence. He implied that my marriage had not been consummated. I was subjected on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis to these types of comments about my husband, our relationship, and my being a woman who no man would marry—which he attributed both to my being a feminist and to my physical appearance, including my “short” stature. Judge Reinhardt made these comments to me when we were alone, and also in front of other members of chambers at times.

There’s a lot more like this in Ms. Warren’s testimony, and it all bolsters a long time thesis of mine, namely, that the left is obsessed with racism and sexism because they are the worst practicioners of it.