Lookin’ for a new fool (2)

Maria Bartiromo took up the New York Times’s updated edition of the Russia hoax on her FOX News Sunday Morning Futures show yesterday. Her guest was House Intelligence Committee Member John Ratcliffe (video below). FOX News reports on the interview in “Rep. Ratcliffe on Russia reportedly trying to interfere with 2020 election: Dems ‘leaked information that’s not accurate.'”

Quotable quote: “[The Russians] meddled in 2016, they are going to meddle in 2020. That’s not the issue. The issue is why Russia is being so successful in shaking American confidence in the integrity of our elections. And the reason is, it’s because Democrats keep perpetuating and accentuating and proliferating Russian propaganda for their political gain and for their political motivation against Donald Trump.”

NOTE: See also the published version of the CNN story that Jake Tapper sketched out on his Twitter feed. The story is “US intelligence briefer appears to have overstated assessment of 2020 Russian interference.” I noted Tapper’s Twitter thread sketching out the story before it was published in “Lookin’ for a new fool.”