Coup’s next

Featured image How about a congressional investigation of the perversion of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the service of the Russia hoax intended to take out Donald Trump? The FBI, FISA, and the FISA court should be shut down until we get some answers about the abuse of the law in the service of the hoax. It is all unfinished business, although the Democrats are doing their best to make »

Disinformation, American style

Featured image Peter Van Buren looks back at the question of “disinformation” that was floated by 51 former intelligence officials to suppress the news extracted by the New York Post from Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election. Van Buren’s Spectator column notes in the subhead “The only disinformation op in 2020 was run against American voters by their own intelligence community” (the Spectator has taken the column out from behind its »

The Post computes this, take 2

Featured image Yesterday I suggested that the New York Post continue to hammer the validation of its suppressed Biden laptop reporting by taking up the role played by the intelligence community in collaboration with Politico. I suggested that the Post persist with a cover, an editorial, and a Michael Goodwin column. The Post must have been working on just such a package as I wrote yesterday morning. Today the Post follows up »

The Post computes this

Featured image The New York Post has been on a roll with its covers, but today’s is something special. The Post righteously rubs in the New York Times’s vindication its use of Hunter Biden’s laptop for its reporting in the runup to the 2020 presidential election. Then it wasn’t fit to print. Now it is. Something happened. The cover flags Michael Goodwin’s column “The New York Times hates to say The Post »

A footnote on “Troubles”

Featured image In my brief comments on Rebecca Donner’s All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days, I skated over Donner’s treatment of the Harnacks’ communism and espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union. The Harnacks’ communism is implicit and their espionage explicit in the narrative. I found Donner’s treatment of Mildred’s communism far more forthcoming than Erik Larson’s treatment of the same issue with respect to Martha Dodd in his Garden of »

John Ratcliffe on the Russia hoax

Featured image Maria Bartiromo has tracked the Clinton/Russia hoax all along the way on her daily FOX Business morning show and weekly on FNC’s Sunday Morning Futures. Yesterday she interviewed former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to comment on developments in the Durham investigation. I have no expectations concerning the investigation and only hope to be pleasantly surprised. Not so Ratcliffe. Having seen the intelligence, he knows where the bodies are »

Elements of intelligence

Featured image President Biden bears responsibility for the epic humiliation of the United States in Afghanistan. He proclaims it a great success consistent with his strategic genius. He nevertheless seeks to turn our attention elsewhere on a daily basis. Yesterday Biden remarked on the investigation into the origins of COVID-⁠19 by our so-called Intelligence Community. The Key Takeaways have been posted in unclassified form. I found this paragraph in Biden’s statement more »

Biden’s folly

Featured image Now comes word that Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country. The Taliban might have awaited the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 to take the capital city and make the humiliation of the United States even deeper. Maybe they have something special saved for that day. Even so, as of this morning, the humiliation appears to be complete and total. I yield the floor to News Items proprietor John Ellis »

Tucker: They planned to leak my emails

Featured image Tucker Carlson opened his show last night with a monologue commenting on Jonathan Swan’s Axios story on the NSA interception of his email (video below). He didn’t mention Swan by name, but it’s clearly his story he was talking about. I excerpted Swan’s story in “And now, the Putin factor.” Tucker’s monologue confirmed the accuracy of Swan’s account as far as it bears on his side of the story. Late »

And now, the Putin factor

Featured image Axios’s Jonathan Swan reports that Tucker Carlson was talking to U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about setting up an interview with Vladimir Putin shortly before Tucker accused the National Security Agency of monitoring his electronic communications for nefarious purposes — according to “sources familiar with the conversations.” Draw your own conclusions from this: The NSA’s public statement didn’t directly deny that any Carlson communications had been swept up by the agency. • »

Reading the NSA denial

Featured image Fred Fleitz has held national security jobs for 25 years with the CIA, DIA, Department of State, and the House Intelligence Committee staff. He served in 2018 as deputy assistant to the president and chief of staff of the National Security Council. When it comes to intelligence matters, he has the background to comment credibly. He currently serves as president and CEO of the Center for Security Policy. In his »

NSA vs. Tucker: An update [updated!]

Featured image Just before his show was aired last night, the NSA issued a statement responding to Tucker Carlson’s charge that the agency is monitoring his electronic communications. As anyone familiar with the ways of Washington knows, however, the NSA statement requires close reading. Techno Fog gives it a close reading and concludes: Those who look closely will see something else: that the NSA, while stating that Tucker “has never been an »

NSA vs. Tucker?

Featured image On his show tonight, Tucker Carlson made the explosive claim that the National Security Agency has been spying on his electronic communications with the intention of trying to drive his show off the air. This information comes from an NSA whistleblower, and Tucker finds confirmation in the fact that the whistleblower himself had information that could only have come from an illicit spying on Tucker’s emails and texts: [email protected] says »

What’s Up with the Reported Chinese Defector?

Featured image News accounts have been swirling for days (though conspicuously not in the NY Times, Washington Post, etc) that a very high ranking Chinese intelligence official (some reports say it is Dong Jingwei, the vice minister for state security) has defected to the U.S., and is confirming the lab leak hypothesis for COVID-19, as well as warning the U.S. of extensive penetration by Chinese agents. The News (Australia) reports: Vice Minister »

Mossad against Iran

Featured image Having just stepped down as head of the Mossad last week, Yossi Cohen sat for an Israeli television interview regarding the agency’s mind-boggling operations against the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past several years. The Times of Israel has posted the story “In stunning, revelatory interview, ex-Mossad chief warns Iran, defends Netanyahu.” I recommend the whole thing to the attention of Power Line readers. That is one impressive intelligence »

Rockin’ pneumonia or the Wuhan flu?

Featured image It will not come as a great shock to Power Line readers to learn, as the Wall Street Journal reports from previously undisclosed U.S. intelligence: “Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin.” Subhead: “Report says researchers went to hospital in November 2019, shortly before confirmed outbreak; adds to calls for probe of whether virus escaped lab.” With a New York Times-style byline listing three reporters, »

Our men in Havana

Featured image Tim Weiner is a former New York Times reporter and author of Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA (2007). The history of the CIA, according to Weiner, is a history of the failures of the CIA. The CIA chose not to ignore the book. It posted a response by the agency’s historian that the agency has unfortunately removed from its site. The CIA historian’s response to Weiner’s book »