Remit Mitt

No thanks to Mitt Romney, the Senate has just acquitted President Trump of the first article of impeachment brought against him by the House. Senator Romney announced this afternoon that he would join the Democrats to vote Trump guilty of the first article. He explained in an interview with Chris Wallace on FOX News that in his heart, he knows he’s right. In my heart, I know he’s a fool, but I am too. I voted for him in 2012. In my defense, I would plead that Obama made me do it, but I should have known better than to fall for his act.

Along with the rest of the Republican Senators, Romney voted to acquit Trump of the absurd second article of impeachment. His heart should have gotten a clue that something was amiss from the second article, but the ticker did not pick up on the clues. President Trump was acquitted on the second article as well.

I wish Senator Romney an early retirement to one of his homes in Massachusetts, California, or elsewhere. Citizens of Utah, it’s over to you.