Stormy hearings ahead

Featured image Rust never sleeps and neither do congressional Democrats intent on impeaching President Trump. When the House returns to session next week, the House Judiciary Committee will explore five instances of supposed obstruction of justice by Trump that they say are documented in Robert Mueller’s report. None amounts to actual obstruction of justice. Each, by now, is yawn inducing. But House Dems also plan an inquiry that might gain attention and »

Damn the Torpedoes!

Featured image The conventional wisdom is that Nancy Pelosi has been battling with members of her caucus who want to vote impeachment articles against President Trump. Many speculate that she is irate with, for example, Jerry Nadler, who purports to be using House committee hearings to build a case for impeachment. On a radio show last Friday, I said that I am not sure any such conflict exists. Pelosi may very well »

On impeachment, Democrats will do their own thing in their own time

Featured image One might have thought that after the Mueller hearing debacle, House Democrats would move on from impeachment. Speaker Pelosi certainly hoped her caucus would. But her caucus consists of nearly 240 members whose interests diverge sharply when it comes to impeachment. It’s in the interest of some members to “move on.” But for others, the smart move is to keep beating the dead horse. To neither faction does it matter »

House beats back impeachment resolution, Democrats divide

Featured image Yesterday, Rep. Al Green, a left-wing Democrat from Texas, filed articles of impeachment against President Trump. He based his filing on Trump’s suggestion that four radical, America-bashing congresswomen leave the country. Green’s filing stated: Donald John Trump has, by his statements, brought the high office of the President of the United States in contempt, ridicule, disgrace and disrepute, has sown discord among the people of the United States, has demonstrated »

Can Democrats Pull Impeachment Out of the Hat?

Featured image It looks like impeachment hysteria is here to stay, at least until November 2020. The Democrats didn’t get what they were hoping for from the Mueller report, so why are they persisting with pointless “investigations” and talk about impeachment? Two reasons, I think. First, they have successfully used hatred of President Trump to keep their base stirred up. If they start treating Trump as a normal president, people might notice »

Steamed in the Rose Garden

Featured image President Trump ejected from his meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to arrive at an agreement on infrastructure spending. He was obviously steamed. One didn’t have to wonder if it was something he or she said. It was something she said — about Trump’s (alleged) Great Coverup. You know, the Great Coverup of the crime he didn’t commit. Trump ejected from the meeting to »

Impeachment mania

Featured image The Dems invested heavily in the Mueller Report, but were disappointed by the outcome. Remember the weeping and wailing about the sanctity of Mueller himself? He required protection at all costs from the Hitlerian madman in the White House. Left free to run wild with a team of subpoena wielding Clintonian partisans, Mueller delivered too much of nothing. The Dems went bust on their investment. Those Clintonian partisans on Mueller’s »

Justin Amash, a party of one

Featured image I don’t think I’d heard anyone in the mainstream media (or anywhere else) mention Justin Amash’s name for several years until he called for the impeachment of President Trump. Suddenly, Amash was useful to the left and therefore relevant, sort of. Suddenly, the impeach Trump movement was “bipartisan.” John has shown that Amash’s arguments for impeaching Trump are nonsensical. But Amash’s arguments don’t matter. It’s the fact that he’s a »

Et Tu, Mitt?

Featured image “Republican” Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan has called for President Trump’s impeachment on Twitter. His reasons are idiotic: “Impeachment, which is a special form of indictment, does not even require probable cause that a crime (e.g., obstruction of justice) has been committed; it simply requires a finding that an official has engaged in careless, abusive, corrupt, or otherwise dishonorable conduct,” Amash wrote. An interesting paraphrase of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” »

Public Opinion Turning Against Mueller, Impeachment

Featured image Have President Trump’s uncompromising denunciations of Bob Mueller’s “witch hunt” been effective? It appears so, based on this USA Today/Suffolk University poll. Currently, 50% of Americans consider Mueller’s investigation to be a witch hunt, while 47% disagree. Independents believe Trump has been the victim of a witch hunt, by 54%/42%. And that is before Mueller releases his findings. While the press will spin Mueller’s report in an anti-Trump direction, the »

Impeachment is on

Featured image So says Byron York, and I think he’s right. Why wouldn’t House Democrats impeach President Trump? Their base demands it, and impeachment proceedings are free advertising against Trump’s reelection (as if the left doesn’t get enough of that from the mainstream media). To be sure, there’s some political risk associated with impeaching Trump. But Democrats are too convinced of their righteousness to let fear of a backlash stand in the »

Impeachment Delusion

Featured image I wrote here about the Democratic Party’s impeachment hysteria. 222 mentions of impeachment in 18 hours on CNN and MSNBC! Only problem is, President Trump isn’t going to be evicted from the White House via impeachment. If the Democrats go to the mat with him, he will win. And if they think he will be cowed or chastened by a Democratic vote in the House they haven’t been paying attention. »

Impeachment Hysteria

Featured image We live in a schizoid time. In the world most of us inhabit, things are going extraordinarily well. We are in the midst of the longest bull market ever. Employment is at a record high, unemployment–especially among minorities, young people and women–at or near record lows. GDP is growing at a 4% clip, which liberal economists deemed impossible in the last administration. Wages are rising. We are at peace, but »

Will Democrats be able to evade the impeachment issue this year?

Featured image Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer is on a mission — to have President Trump impeached. The Washington Times reports that he’s spending $40 million on his “Need To Impeach” roadshow, with advertising and town halls around the country. But Democratic congressional candidates aren’t enthusiastic about Steyer’s campaign. Nancy Pelosi, who hopes once again to become House Speaker, says she wants Democrats to campaign on “strengthen[ing] the financial stability of America’s working »