Videos: Chris Matthews’ Turn at Berniephobia (Updated: Biden Unplugged?!?!)

Yesterday we brought you the concerns of James Carville that the Democratic presidential campaign is veering too far left, but sit down and get a load of the always excitable Chris Matthews going off on Bernie—and note especially how fast host Chris Hayes tries to shut him up and change the subject; I’d love to hear what the producer was yelling in Hayes’s ear about stopping Matthews (just 1:18 long):

Meanwhile, with all the drama Trump provided this week with the State of the Union conflict with Speaker Pelosi, the Senate impeachment acquittal, and the Prayer Breakfast bravado, it is significant that last night Saturday Night Live passed on any of these story lines in favor of a quickly-produced parody of the Democrats’ Friday night New Hampshire debate—and the Democrats don’t come out looking very good:

When you’ve lost Chris Matthews and Saturday Night Live. . .

Update: This is just breaking—did Joe Biden really call someone a “lying dog-faced pony solider” in New Hampshire today? Why yes—yes he did:

Though I’m thinking this may be the most intelligent thing Biden has ever said.