The Overrated Electric Vehicle

I am told that polling in the Super Tuesday states found climate change to be the number two concern of voters, after health care. Given the massive propaganda barrage to which we have all been subjected, that could be true. Although most of those who profess concern about climate change are not willing to spend any significant amount of their own money to “fight” it.

Global warming hysteria is driving, among other things, the push to subsidize and mandate electric vehicles. Here in Minnesota, our governor has initiated a regulatory process to force Minnesotans to buy electric cars against their will, with more subsidies provided by those who don’t comply. The initiative appears to be plainly illegal, as well as being terrible policy.

For a good short course on electric vehicles, check out this video by my friend Mark Mathis of the Clear Energy Alliance. Mark and his organization are doing some of the best work on issues relating to energy:

The liberals’ idea that “batteries” will somehow be the key to a petroleum-free economy is delusional at best. There is much more to be said on this subject, but this video is a good start.