A Party of Haters

The Democrats are hysterically blaming President Trump for the fact that the Wuhan virus is killing some Americans. No doubt, they also will blame Trump for the recession that will be caused, not by the virus, but by government’s reaction–overreaction, in my opinion–to the virus.

In doing this, the Democrats are making some critical assumptions. They assume that voters won’t remember that when President Trump banned travel from China at the end of January, Democrats unanimously (including Joe Biden) denounced his action as racist and xenophobic. While, on the other hand, as late as February 24, Nancy Pelosi did a photo-op for San Francisco news stations in Chinatown, strolling down the sidewalk surrounded by community “leaders” and cameramen, urging everyone to come to Chinatown, the rumored virus is no problem, no one is sick here.

They assume, further, that voters won’t remember that prior to the virus panic, the U.S. had probably the strongest economy in our history, with record levels of employment and rising wages. It wasn’t Trump’s fault that a global pandemic damaged the economy–not, that is, unless you think that Trump overreacted, which is an argument the Democrats can’t make.

Those are problems. But they aren’t the Democrats’ biggest problem. Their biggest problem is Trump’s argument that his vigorous conduct of the “war” against the coronavirus saved countless lives. Disease modelers, who have no track record of success, predicted as many as two million deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. More conservative modelers, like those at the University of Washington, have predicted 80,000 or 90,000 deaths, even with a total shutdown of our economy. I doubt that those numbers will be approached. No one is now talking about millions of deaths, or a million deaths. The Washington group is already backing down on its predictions, with its hospitalization numbers turning out to be wildly inflated. At the moment, it seems more likely that the COVID-19 fatality total may look like a bad flu season, in the U.S.

So what is the Democrats’ answer when Trump claims credit for saving a million lives? That the modelers were all wet from the beginning? They can’t say that (although it is true) because they have been hysterically demanding that the administration do more, ever since they stopped hysterically demanding that the administration do less. It is hard to see the Democrats’ end game here.

So the Democrats are doing what they do best: they are resorting to hate. They rely on blind, irrational hatred of President Trump to win back the White House and empower their socialist dreams. Examples could be multiplied endlessly–just go on Twitter!–but here are a couple.

Haley Stevens is an actual Congresswoman from Michigan. She tweeted this, and apparently has deleted it since her Republican opponent started using it in his fundraising appeals:

Totally rational. Then we have state Rep. Tavia Galonski of Ohio, who tweeted this:

Galonski’s vow to charge Trump with crimes against humanity at the Hague was applauded by a large number of Democrats. What was the president’s “crime against humanity?” Apparently, his suggestion during a press briefing that chloroquine could prove to be an effective treatment for the Wuhan virus.

There isn’t much point in trying to talk rationally to a guy in an asylum who thinks he is Napoleon. Likewise, there probably isn’t much point in trying to talk rationally to a Democratic politician or activist in 2020 America. But for what it is worth, let’s just note that 1) the variants of chloroquine are all prescription drugs that will not be administered absent a prescription by a doctor, who probably doesn’t intend to commit a crime against humanity; 2) numerous studies have found chloroquine compounds, alone or in combination with other drugs, to be effective treatments for COVID-19 sufferers; 3) chloroquine has now been approved by the FDA as a COVID-19 treatment; and 4) even assuming that the president was wrong, making a wrong prediction about the efficacy of a drug treatment is hardly a “crime against humanity.”

Is it possible that American voters will give power to a party running on a platform of the crudest, most ignorant hate? I doubt it. The Democrats know that they have the press on their side; the Washington Post, for instance, is just one short notch above Ms. Stevens and Ms. Galonski. But the days when the press could choose a president are long gone, if they ever existed.

My prediction for 2020? #LoveWins.

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