Democrats move convention to mid-August

The Democratic party has decided to push back the start of its national convention from July 13 to August 17, a week before the Republican convention is set to begin. The postponement is, of course, due to the Wuhan coronavirus.

July 13 was an unusually early date on which to hold a national convention. The Democrats picked it to avoid a conflict with the Olympic games. Those games will not take place this year.

I don’t care when the Dems hold their convention or whether they hold one at all. However, I’m discouraged by any indication that Americans might not be able to convene in large numbers in July. I’m hoping that conditions will permit baseball to be played before live audiences by then.

Last week, Marquette University took a poll to find out how Wisconsin voters feel about the Democrats convening in Milwaukee, given the pandemic. According to this report, 62 percent did not want the convention to move forward as an in-person event.

69 percent of Democrats didn’t want it to. 62 percent of independents shared the sentiment, as did 55 percent of Republicans. Make what you will of that breakdown.