What gives in the Flynn case?

Those of us who have longed to see the vindication General Flynn in the case brought against him by Team Mueller have instead repeatedly been let down by the course of the proceedings. The case is complicated by General Flynn’s guilty plea to the false-statements charge and his reaffirmation of the plea before Judge Emmet Sullivan. Let it be noted that General Flynn is now represented by Sidney Powell. She has filed a motion seeking permission to withdraw Flynn’s guilty plea. I believe it is pending before Judge Sullivan.

This past February Attorney General Bar appointed United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Jeffrey Jensen to review the government’s handling of the Flynn case. We sought out comment from one of Jensen’s former law firm colleagues. He told us in part: “I can assure you that Jeff Jensen is an absolute straight arrow who will conduct a thorough investigation and honestly report what he finds.”

Mr. Jensen seems to have found something. Whatever he found was transmitted under cover of the April 24 letter served on General Flynn by interim United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Timothy Shea. FOX News has a good roundup of related items in “Speculation mounts over Flynn case as new DOJ documents turned over.” The FOX News story includes Sidney Powell’s tweet below. The report also includes Maria Bartiromo’s tweet yesterday evening to the effect that Flynn “will be completely exonerated this week.”

What does “completely exonerated” mean? I don’t know. In any event, I doubt it. Yet it appears that something is happening here.